Monday, 22 June 2009

Welcome to E.S.Blogntinuum!

This is a blog about my musical project "Electric Sound Continuum" so I thought that it'd be doubly fun to name it "Electric Sound Blogntinuum" because:

1. It's a pun (albeit a very bad one), also known as a "play on words" (1)
2. It's going to be fun watching people trying to pronounce it.

I considered writing a blog for quite some time but then decided against it because I am a man of few words. These words are usually a combination of "fuck", "you" and "asshole" so I never thought that you'd be interested in anything I'd have to say.

However, things have changed. Not only have I learned at least three new words recently ("nepotism", "nomenclature" and, perversely, "pencil") but my new EP, which I have been working on for at least one and a half years, is ready for release. It's called "Aerial And Trail" and it's going to be released (for free) on and as an archive file on Rapidshare and commercially through iTunes, and some other places you won't even know about.

Consider this post a launch party and get ready to download all the songs for free, unless you're one of those people that like paying for stuff they can get for free.


(1) Any Terry Pratchett novel.

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