Monday, 22 June 2009

So here are the tracks for "Aerial And Trail" - 4 tracks of jazzy, summery music, describing a summer day from morning until midnight. You can download the tracks individually here:

Track 1: Middle Of The Street

(vocals by Remco H.)

Track 2: Mark And April

(vocals by me, hidden so deep you're going to have to use CSI-level pseudo-equipment to detect them)

Track 3: Summerside

(vocals by Lisa Taylor)

Track 4: Moon O'Clock

(vocals by Dave O'Mahoney)

You can also get the whole thing at once at Rapidshare: Download
The EP has also been published on Jamendo.

If you are totally bonkers and you want to buy it (for real money) in the current economic climate, I'll post links to the online shops when it's available.

Special thanks to Francisco Blanco and Natasa Kleanthous for taking the picture and designing the cover respectively.

Also, nepotism.

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