Thursday, 23 July 2009

Recap: places you can buy/freely download the Aerial And Trail EP

Commercial version:



Electric Sound Continuum - Aerial and Trail EP

Free version:



Aerial And Trail also out on Napster.

Aerial And Trail on Napster.

About fracking time too.

I think it has been released on all online stores now. Launch party at cosmopolitan Larnaca at somebody else's place (probably the Tefkromat) soon.

Purchase Aerial And Trail EP on iTunes - go on, be an Apple zombie. I guess it will "just work".

Electric Sound Continuum - Aerial and Trail EP

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Electric Sound Continuum has teamed up with a fantastic producer to bring you the best album of 2010.

Possibly the best album of 2010. As voted by me and my mother.

Some information on the producer of the forthcoming LP: He is Garret Gengler of Champaign, Illinois and he writes the most gentle and beautiful songs for his own project Tomorrow Is Already Here (the title of a Stereolab song - coincidentally, Electric Sound Continuum owes part of its name to the song "Italian Shoes Continuum" by Stereolab). We love a lot of the same things in music, so it's a match made in major 7th heaven.

Garret recently worked on Steven Wesley Guiles's album "We Will All Be Lifted"

Updates on the progress will be posted ir-regularly.

I have not decided what the album is going to be called yet, you're welcome to offer your suggestions. Please do not include the following words in your title suggestions: "ketchup", "Apple Macintosh", "sphere" and "sausage". All other words accepted.

UPDATE - Working title for the album: "Tales Of Crumbling Love"

Aerial And Trail is now on eMusic too.

Aerial And Trail EP on eMusic

I also wanted to mention that Aerial And Trail is on eMusic.

Still to go: iTunes, Napster, Amie Street, lala, Rhapsody, Shockhound and Limewire. If you find it on any of these services let me know so I can update the list. I'll send you a high-quality (.wav) version of the album if you do. I'm nice like that.